Thursday, May 3, 2012

UFO parade

On Tuesday I finally finished up my long-awaited apron (pictures hopefully after the weekend!), which brings me to my New Year's goal of 5 fewer UFOs than I had at the start of the year.  Woot!  Now I could just coast through the rest of the year and make sure I finish as many projects as I start, but where's the challenge in that?

I checked in with my master list, which says I have 8 quilting projects in progress right now.  I'd like to get that down to 4 by the end of the year and eventually down to only one ongoing quilting project (plus one garment project and one crochet project).  Rhonda in my local modern guild has no UFOs ever because she always finishes one project before moving on to the next.  I can totally do that, right?

For a motivational boost, I brought out the projects on my list and took pictures.  This list is more or less in the order than I plan to work on them, but who knows!  Inspiration may strike.  I'm eyeing #7 pretty hard right now. 

1.  Linen Stripes Quilt  Finished in August 2012!
A flimsy right now that will be backed by this Denyse Schmidt dot from Joann's (P.S. why is that fabric so freakin expensive?? It's at JOANN'S!)

2.  Sewing Machine Cover Finished it, decided I didn't need a sewing machine cover, and then turned it into a tote bag in mid-2013.

3.  Bed Quilt Finished in November 2012!
The striped flimsy is the "top" and the grey and print HST flimsy is the in-progress "back" to this double sided quilt.

4.  Embroidered Kitties Quilt  Finished in August 2012!
These blocks need to get sewn up and quilted!  I'm pretty sure my niece is ready to start using this.

5.  Wedding Quilt
The top is complete but I don't know what to put on the back.  It's pretty girly, so should I roll with that or try to counteract it?

6.  Queen of Embarrassing Toasts' Quilt (Modern Quilting Bee)
My sister has spoken for this quilt.  The more I finish it the more I like it!

7.  Giraffe Quilt (Tethered Threads 2 Bee)
This is one of those times when cutting a precious fabric turned out to be the best choice.  This quilt is definitely staying with me.  The block/fabric combination is straight copied from Film in the Fridge.  Sometimes you see something and you just gotta have it. 

8.  Secret project
What?  It's a secret.  No pictures!

I'm glad I pulled them out because it reminded me that I have projects stored away that I LOOOOOVE... I just put them away because something more urgent came along. 

So spill the beans... how many projects do you have going?  Anybody like Rhonda with only one project?  Or are you as bad as me?  If you want to join in the UFO busting fun, the Project UFO Flickr group is filled with enthusiasm and support, so head on over! 


  1. OK, these all look awesome. My favs are 7 & 3 though. I think coordinating backs are always better than something way different, so I say stay with the girly theme for #5. According to my master lis I have 11 things in progress, not counting the three bee blocks due by the end of the month that I haven't started yet. It's a little overwhelming. I used to have a rule that I had to finish 2 things before I could start something new, but it honestly just made me sad--quilting is what I do for fun, and I was forcing myself to work on things I didn't want to work on! Now I have a complex Random Number Generator system going on, which is working pretty well. :)

    1. How does your random number generator system work??

  2. You gals are way ahead of me - I don't even have a master list. My lack of master list allows me to blissfully start new projects without guilt!
    Unfortunately, beginning Jan of this year, I have made a commitment to complete my UFOs, so I happen to know, in my own brain no list required, that I still have 3 unassembled piles of blocks, 4 tops that are now finished and will be quilted by checkbook. This does not count my 2 ongoing sampler tops (4x5 and ABC quiltalong) They don't count because they are ongoing (I see heads nodding in agreement!)

    I love #1 and #7 and don't think your wedding quilt is THAT girlie. The symmetry of the blocks and the visual straight lines are more masculine than girlie. It's like a Metro Male quilt because of the pink!

    1. You see my head nodding! In progress doesn't count.

      I'm not sure my husband would be any more impressed by Metro Male than by girly. I will try calling it that and let you know how he responds.