Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Haul

Last year I set up an RSS feed from Craigslist to route any postings with the word "fabric" (minus a lot of words for furniture) to my google homepage. Every couple of days since then, I've gotten a posting from someone who is selling or giving away fabric in my area. Really, it's not been much use. Most of the things that people are electing to get rid of... well, I agree with their choice. Also there has been a very persistent and annoying ad for a Conair fabric steamer and someone just determined to find an individual willing to come pick up a sturdy cardboard tube from their home in the boonies.

Well, last Friday my day finally came, and all of those days of deleting feed articles were Worth It. The advertisement was for an interior design shop that was going out of business, and it said that they had a few upholstery sample books to give away. I had heard of people getting free upholstery samples for sewing projects, so I called them to check it out. I ended up in a room that was clearly under construction, looking at piles and piles and piles of sample books filling most surfaces. Here is what I ended up taking, all of it free, and I don't think anyone who had seen the room before I came in would have known that I took anything:

That's 30 books of fabric samples, most of it linen or linen/cotton blends. I have disassembled about 2/3rds of the books so far, including one that yielded these beauties:

Now don't get the wrong idea... these are clearly the cream of the crop, and I have been exposed in recent days to some pretty heinous fabric designs. Stuff that would make your eyeballs bleed. Stuff that belongs in a craigslist ad. All in all, though, I feel pretty lucky. :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sydney's art "portfolio"

I used mr. monkeysuit's Traveling Artshow pattern as the base for this project.  I basically just adjusted the instructions to fit my notebook and pens and leave out the activity books and such, since my niece doesn't really use those.  I also changed the tie wrap to a snap closure, because I don't think she can tie knots yet and I didn't want to frustrate her.  I was extremely gratified to see her pick up the gift multiple times while I was visiting and say "oh, my Thing.  I need this..." and then go sit down and draw something (including a beauuutiful picture for me...)

Next time I make something like this, I will modify the pattern so that the space for the pens is flat when you close the book.  Mr. monkeysuit's pattern doesn't include that because the pens end up folded into the middle so that part doesn't show on the outside. 

Tutorial used:

mr. monkeysuit's traveling art show pattern

Very easy to follow, quick, with no tricky steps.  I modified the pattern to remove some features and change from a tie wrap to a snap.  I would make the project again.  :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Quilt for my sister

I've got another Christmas present to show... My sister and I started this quilt in 2000, so it took me ten years to finish it, but I did. I guess it is sort of my first quilt.

My sister originally picked out the fabrics for this quilt, but the blocks have been sitting at my parent's house for 10 years so it was certainly a surprise present. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Modern Quilt Guild

I'm looking for people interested in starting a San Jose/Bay Area based branch of the Modern Quilt Guild.

Drop me an email if you are interested, post a comment, or head over here.