Friday, April 27, 2012

So many bags

I almost titled this "sew many bags," but I managed to refrain.  You're welcome.

I have probably made more bags in the last year than anything else.  For one thing, they were simple and fast to whip up.  Also, they are one of the only useful things I've come up with to do with the million mis-matched upholstery fabric pieces that I scored.

I've made several basic totes for carrying groceries, then I moved on to a new shoulder bag/purse:
Linen with pieced flap and shoulder strap
I used that bag for a few months, but in the end I decided to make a new one.  The top was open under the front flap and lots of times when I picked it up without looking I would accidentally grab it by the bottom and dump everything out.  I also sized down a little, to something that just mostly just fits my cell phone, wallet, and keys:

Made from a free upholstery sample with Tula Pink as a lining.

Also from free upholstery samples.  I like this one more but use it less.  Black just matches everything, you know?
These guys are much more secure, but on the other hand I have no flexibility if I need to bring along a few more things.  On days when I have a lot of stuff, I use one of these smaller totes and then throw my main purse inside:

Smallish tote bag for groceries, taking lunch to work, etc
Open top purse just big enough for my regular purse plus a book and a container of tea.  You know - the necessities. 
Anyone else been making bags?

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