Thursday, August 13, 2009


Both presents have arrived, so I'm free to brag now. I used the Rosali fabric that I won to make two pretty little baby quilts. They are on the small side, even for baby quilts, only 30" by 36", but at least one of my sisters claims that it is perfect size. I chose the size because I was thinking of it as a little quilt to sit on when playing on the floor.

I designed the front of the quilt by drawing the blocks out on graph paper. I haven't seen a quilt quite like this before, and now I know the reason. When every block is different, you have can't take any shortcuts with cutting. It was painfully slow and after I finished the first one I almost didn't do the same thing for the second.

For my youngest niece, I used green sashing and a lighter green polka dot backing:

The back of hers has 6 wonky paintbox blocks set off center. I loved how they turned out, and I'm definitely going to try this again. I used oh fransson's tutorial. It is for regular paintbox blocks, but it was easy to make them wonky at the trimming step.

The binding is leftover fabric from the blocks. I was astonished at how much fabric I still have left over!

My sister sent me a picture of my niece cuddled up in the quilt and I felt sooo proud and happy.