Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hot Tip:

Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on, because when the airline loses your luggage, you'll find it very difficult to find a pair of underwear at 7am in a strange town.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quilt Bee Blocks

I'm trying to finish up my February quilt bee blocks as soon as the fabric arrives, because this weekend my sewing room is going to get all packed up and moved to our new house. Since my future sewing area is currently designated for storing all of our boxes, I think it might be a while before my sewing space is up and running again.

February Blocks:
Sherri requested these scrappy x blocks for Nittany Block Party.  I really love how these turned out, and I think I might steal the idea for myself when I have the time.  :)

Rene requested these improvisational cross blocks for 1 Year 12 Quilts Bee.  I very much enjoyed the challenge of inventing my own block patterns.

Shelly requested these cropped nine patch triangles for Modern Quilt Bee.  This is quite a fun block to make.

January Blocks:
Wanda requested log cabin blocks with "people" fabrics in the centers for Nittany Block Party. I used some vintage fabrics from my grandmother's stash for the centers:

Kelly requested paper pieced Christmas tree blocks for Tethered Threads Bee 2.  These were my first paper pieced blocks and they were super fun.

Donna requested Twirling Star blocks for 1 Year 12 Quilts Bee:  This was my second paper pieced block, and I am so glad I did the easier tree blocks first.  This block was definitely harder, and it helped not to be figuring out the paper piecing aspect of things at the same time.  Even though it was hard, I am so glad that Donna picked this block.  Look how gorgeous it is!  I am really confident now that I can handle whatever paper piecing comes my way. 

Melissa requested wonky log cabin blocks using Munki Munki fabrics that she provided for Modern Quilt Bee.  I had so much fun with these that I ended up making an extra block.  I really love the dark brown and orange together.  It's on my future-quilt-color-scheme list.  No, I don't really have such a list.  Except in my head. 

Whew! Unfortunately, I don't have the fabric yet for Tethered Threads 2, so the February blocks may end up being a little late.