Monday, January 25, 2010

Sydney's art "portfolio"

I used mr. monkeysuit's Traveling Artshow pattern as the base for this project.  I basically just adjusted the instructions to fit my notebook and pens and leave out the activity books and such, since my niece doesn't really use those.  I also changed the tie wrap to a snap closure, because I don't think she can tie knots yet and I didn't want to frustrate her.  I was extremely gratified to see her pick up the gift multiple times while I was visiting and say "oh, my Thing.  I need this..." and then go sit down and draw something (including a beauuutiful picture for me...)

Next time I make something like this, I will modify the pattern so that the space for the pens is flat when you close the book.  Mr. monkeysuit's pattern doesn't include that because the pens end up folded into the middle so that part doesn't show on the outside. 

Tutorial used:

mr. monkeysuit's traveling art show pattern

Very easy to follow, quick, with no tricky steps.  I modified the pattern to remove some features and change from a tie wrap to a snap.  I would make the project again.  :)

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  1. Sydney loves her portfolio! She still uses it every day. :) She has several notebooks, but this is my favorite because the markers are always with it. :)

    Thanks, Ruth!