Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rainbow squared quilt-along, coming up! (and a little giveaway)

I'm really excited to announce that... I'm going to run a sew-along for my scrappy rainbow quilt!  June is a busy month for me, so it won't start in July.  However, I thought I would give a little teaser now because if you wish to participate you will need to start collecting scraps. 


R is for rainbow.  If you understand the title... I'm so, so sorry.  It's a working title.   As in, I've been working too much and that influenced the title.  How about this?  If you can come up with a better name for it, I'll send you some rainbow scraps to start (or increase!) your stash for the quilt-along.  If you suggest a name, make sure that your email is either visible in your profile or included in your comment, so I can get ahold of you. 

Like I said, this is just a teaser, since it might take a while to accumulate scraps.  For the smallish twin (62" x 82") that I'm making, you need 200 squares of each color (2.5").   If you have 2.5" strips, go ahead and leave them that way instead of cutting them into squares.  I will be including solid squares with little embroidered animals on them, so I am also collecting coordinating solid yardage (scraps are hard to work with for embroidery).  

We (or I...  haha, I have no idea if people will be joining in!) will be taking this slowly to give time for embroidery and so that people with busy schedules can participate.  I think many of you see what to do just from looking at the picture above, so if you are anxious to blaze ahead, that is fine as well. 

So tell me... do you have a better name to suggest?  Do you think you will join in?  Do you have a friend who might want to join in, too?  Wheeee, I'm looking forward to July!


  1. Love this idea!

    My suggestion for a name...
    Rainbow - Reverse - Repeat
    (or R-cubed for short).

  2. Why did the old pi-r-squared equation immediately come to mind? :)

  3. If that's the inspiration, then I suggest the old joke (pi r-squared? No, pi are round) and vote for "pi are round" for the title of the group.

  4. Now the point is to move AWAY from bad math puns...

  5. I'd like to join the quilt along. Still thinking of a name.

  6. I'm too busy to join, but I wanted to say I love the design. :)