Monday, May 12, 2014

A Happy Scrappy Giveaway!

Edit:  The giveaway is now closed!  I'll be contacting the winner by email.  

I'm sure you guys know this already, but it bears repeating... the online quilting community is so, so nice!  When I was making this quilt:

I really wanted it to have lots and lots of different fabrics, but also be very color coordinated.  I got tons of help from friends and strangers to collect scraps in my colors, including people who just shipped stuff to me without asking anything in exchange.  So as a thank you to all of those kind folks, today I'm paying it forward and giving away some of the extra scrappy bits from this quilt.  

This is a photo showing the scrap colors.  You may receive some of these fabrics and you will definitely receive a lot of others.
I will ship domestically in the US, one small flat rate box stuffed to the brim with scraps in rainbow colors.  To enter, leave me a comment to say what you're working on OR post a link to your favorite thing that you have ever made.