Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ok new plan

 aka pattern review update

I said that I was going to make a jacket, a ceylon dress, and the liverpool tunic, but then I started pondering issues of fit and usefulness and I've decided to put those off for a while.  Instead I'll be focusing on things that I actually, you know, need.  Namely, some new shirts for work.  (Pants would probably be more helpful but also harder to sew.)

Here's what I'm thinking of:

I just know that all of you are looking at this and thinking "OH HAI WRAP SHIRTS R US."  No?  Those weren't the exact words in your mind?  Well, to answer the accusation that you aren't making, then, the reason is that I was looking for one wrap shirt but in picking through all of the wrap shirt patterns in existence, I found that I actually consider three of them to be suitable, along with a tank top thingy that will maybe hopefully be work-wearable. 

Now as for fabric, a recent afternoon of errand-running yielded several bags of free knits from a self-confessed fabric hoarder.  I wish that my coloring was a bit more compatible with hers, because she had soooo many nice knits that she was giving away but most of them were pastels, which make me look ill. 

I'm thinking this fabric for the vogue tank top.  It looks brown but is actually gold and black woven together:

This green is (probably) destined for the McCall's top (if the line drawing looks a little funny to you, don't worry!  I swear that I tried on a top of identical design at the mall and it looked brilliant on me)

I'm thinking I'll use this light brownish fabric for the ruched top from Simplicity:

I don't have fabric on hand for the drapey/flowy Simplicity top, (that I know of) so that is likely to be a new purchase.

I'm also planning to freshen up some old shirts by painting them using freezer paper stencils.  I picked up some fabric paints this afternoon so now there are no obstacles remaining!