Saturday, May 26, 2012

The aftermath continues

Does the word "aftermath" hold a bad connotation for you?  Just checking, because I've got nothing bad to report!  I just got a second pack of little fabric scraps from Kristen, and they are so, so cute.  Once again, I've been saved a bunch of work because they are all cut in 2.5" strips.  Wheee!  She even put in a strip of Heather Ross's Wildflowers on orange, which may or may not be too dear to put into my niece's quilt (hint: my preeeeeeciousssssssssss).

Also, I won a giveaway!  Madelyn gave away three copies of her Henrietta Hippo pattern:

...and I got one.  She said she liked my comment, which I won't repeat, but you can read here.  Warning.  It could be disturbing to you if you think of hippos as cute and cuddly and also have a tendency to look up and watch youtube videos that you hear about.  I actually already cut the pieces for a Henrietta - she's pretty small and the pattern looks easier than I expected based on the finished picture.  If you want to make one too, head over to Madelyn's blog and pick up a 35% off coupon that's good all weekend. 

Meanwhile, wish me luck on Henrietta!  She'll be the first animal that I've sewn.  

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