Friday, May 31, 2013

R-burst Quiltalong: Finished quilt

My R-burst quilt is done! This is a "family quilt" - meaning that members of my family contributed pieces that were incorporated into the final quilt. Each of my sisters did small embroidery squares that are sprinkled throughout the quilt. It's headed to my 3-year old niece for her big girl bed. This is the third family quilt that I've made, each for one of my nieces. You can see the other two here and here.

This quilt was designed by me and the instructions are available for free here (scroll to the bottom for links to the assembly steps)

The back is the last big piece of an Ikea duvet cover that I bought in the children's section.  It made backs for two baby quilts and this twin used up some of the last of it.  So easy (no piecing) and economical ($40 total compared to $60 to do the same thing with yardage).  The binding is medium navy chevron from Riley Blake, cut extra skinny (1 7/8").  I love the binding.  Love love love.

But my favorite part is the embroidery squares hidden around the quilt.  I am smitten with the idea of my niece sitting on her bed and looking for all of her favorite ones. There are 35 of them to share, so that's for yet another post, sorry guys! 

This is the first of two quilts that I finished at the BAM quilting retreat earlier this month.  Soo much fun hanging out with everyone and so proud of what I got done while I was there.  It has been a long ride with this quilt (a little over a year ago I was trading scraps to get ready for it) and I am excited to send it along to my niece, who has been waiting patiently the whole time.

I'm celebrating this finish by linking up today to crazy mom quilts' finish it up Friday. Wahoo!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

R-burst quiltalong: The end!

This post is a part of the R-Burst Quiltalong.

Finishing time!  I chose to quilt my top with a 2" grid that passes through the center of each small square.  If you want to do the same, place your basting pins in the center of every other small square. 

That makes it easy to quilt and avoid pins.  First make a pass over the whole quilt in the vertical direction, quilting the line of squares that doesn't have any pins.

With half the vertical lines done, the quilt is held together plenty well and all of the pins can be removed. I recommend quilting all of the horizontal lines next, then going back to quilt the rest of the vertical lines. 

I like a couple of different binding methods, and I chose between them according to the quilt and how it will be used.  On quilts that are in for a lot of use and washing, I feel most comfortable doing a machine binding - especially if I am giving them away to someone who is not going to know how to repair the binding if hand stitching starts to come apart.

This is my favorite machine binding method.

The only thing I would add to that tutorial is to iron!  First iron the binding up off the edge of your quilt, then fold it over and iron again from the other side to keep it folded down.  It really helps when you get to sewing so that your binding and stitch line don't wander all over the place. 

I took tons of pictures of the finished quilt, but I am still going through those so you will have to wait until tomorrow to see it.  Sorry guys!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

R-burst Quiltalong: Top assembly by chunking

This post is a part of the R-Burst Quiltalong.

You guys ready for block assembly? I am a big fan of assembling by chunking instead of in strips.  The assembly instructions below are for a 3x4 layout, so if you are using more blocks you will need to tailor to your layout.  You will need approximately 15 WOF strips of 2.5" sashing to complete the quilt.

So, to start with, sew a sashing strip on the bottom edge of each of the blocks that will land in the 1st and 3rd rows.  Remember that when you sew sashing to blocks, use pins!  I place a pin about every 4" and make sure that both the block and sashing are relaxed while I pin them - never stretched.  Also, when you go to sew the sashing should always go on the bottom against the feed dogs.   That way you can see your seam allowances and keep them going the right way, plus the feed dogs help the sashing move through without stretching. 

 Next sew on the block that attaches from the 2nd or 4th row:

Set aside the rightmost blocks and sew a sashing piece to the right edge of each of the other pieces:

 Next sew up the vertical seams to assemble the top and bottom halves of the quilt:

Sew sashing to the bottom of one piece and to the top and bottom of the other, then sew the two quilt halves together:

Two more sashing bits on the sides an you are done:

Speaking of done, I'm ready to wrap this QAL up!  I'll be back next week with info on finishing up your quilt and to share how my quilt turned out.

Oh wait, did you want to see a peek of the real thing??

Monday, May 6, 2013

SMS Giveaway Day

Edit:  This giveaway is now closed and the winner should have heard from me by email.

Oh happy day!  This is my third or fourth time participating in the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway day, and it has always been an awesome experience.

Jumping right in, today I am giving away 2 fat quarters hand printed with my sprouts design:

To enter, please leave a comment that answers the following:
1) What two colors* would you like (if you prefer a single half yard piece, just chose one color)
*To clarify - I will be custom printing for you!  You can pick any color you want, not just want is shown above.
2) Your base fabric preference:  Kona cotton or essex cotton/linen blend.

This giveaway is open to international participants.

Followers of my blog get an extra entry, so leave a second comment if you do.  :)

If you have some time to browse around, my Quilts page is a great place to start.  :)