Monday, May 28, 2012

Invisible zipper... like the easiest thing ever.

Dude.  Did you know that it's easier to put in an invisible zipper than a regular one?  'Cause... I didn't.  I should really say, it's easier to sew in an invisible zipper and make it look nice.  They are invisible!  With regular zippers things show and there is top stitching and everyone can see that you sewed it on wiggly and then didn't bother to try it again.  I'm on like my 20th regular zipper and they still look like crap. 

Invisible zipper try number 1:

That zipper is in the back of my Lily bridesmaid's dress, by the way, which is progressing well.  I haven't showed pictures of it because the outer shell went together really quickly and now I'm doing all the finishing work (lining, zipper, hemming, etc).  Might as well wait until it's really finished rather than show it at 90% and then show it looking nearly the same after hours and hours of additional work.

I was nervous about the invisible zipper but the pattern instructions link to this great tutorial on the Colette blog.  I followed it super sloooowly and carefully (I might have been holding my breath) and it turned out perfectly.  My machine only came with a regular zipper foot, so I bought a plastic invisible zipper foot for two dollars at Joann's... that was the only thing that gave me problems.  It wiggled around and even warped, but the zip is in anyway.  Once I pick up a real invisible zipper foot, I will be unstoppable!

So go forth, my friends.  Sew invisible zippers.  Meanwhile, I'm going to be messing about with plywood, wood glue, and screen mesh.  DH and I going to camping in our truck - the cabin can be opened into the covered truck bed, so you sleep with your head in the back seat and your legs in the bed.  We've heard that's nicer if you temporarily replace the back window with a screen to allow air circulation, so we are currently constructing one.  Good times.


  1. Yay for installing your first invisible zipper! I just sewed my first one this weekend, too! I used a tutorial that showed how to do it without an invisible zipper foot, and that worked well for me. :)