Friday, April 13, 2012

Lily for spring

Have you seen the spring releases from Colette?  So pretty!

I bought the digital version of the Lily pattern yesterday:

Image from
I printed & taped the pattern all up right away.  I resisted digital patterns at first, but with the printed patterns from Colette still a week away, plus a 25% discount on the digital version... I decided to try it out.   I have to say, I'm a convert.  I know that some people find the printing & assembling really annoying, but I don't like to work with tissue paper patterns.  I think it's the same amount of work to trace from tissue onto thicker paper vs. printing & taping the digital version.  Besides, now I don't have to worry about keeping the original pattern, since it is saved on my computer and I can also download it again later from my login on the Colette website. The digital edition pattern is very well done, and I didn't have any hesitation about how it was supposed to go together (maybe that's the norm... I dunno).

After I finished preparing the pattern, I actually managed to squeak out my first muslin before heading to bed.  This will be my third Colette pattern, and I think I need to get with the program and start cutting one size smaller.  I cut the size that my measurements indicate, but I end up shaving off excess pretty much everywhere.  I guess I just like my clothes without much ease.   

I am planning to make this dress, sans pockets, for a June wedding.  I just picked out this turquoise linen for it:

European linen on

I've mocked it up on the lovely Colette model (mentally paste-ify the skin and enlarge the.. um... well, enlarge pretty much everywhere to envision it on me): 

Colette clearly should have made a sample in teal linen.
And then of course I started browsing at the fabric store...

Sunshine Linen Blend Gardenia White from Free Spirit via
Bisou Stretch Mini Ruffle Knit Dark Grey via
And then I accidentally bought more fabric (those plus some others too).  I was just testing out how they looked in my shopping cart when my finger slipped and I clicked "buy."  Honestly, it's looking a little rough right now on the resolution front.  Fabric purchases and new projects are cropping up left and right.  So here's me saying that I'm definitely going to buckle down again - sometime real soon.

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  1. Good job with your resolution--I'm confident that you will, in fact, "buckle down real soon." And I agree about the teal--their model looks like a little sailor, and yours looks Ah-mazing!