Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hitched part 3 - Invitations

This one really should have gone first, eh?  It would have been a nice parallel. - you know, I invite you to come along on a mini blog journey remembering my wedding, or some such nonsense.  Truth is, I refreshed my memory of all the projects by browsing through my wedding photos.  For some reason,  nobody carried their invitation to my wedding and walked around with it tucked under their arm.  So inconsiderate of them.

Anyway,  I've remembered about the invitations now.  A very good friend of mine designed the invitations, fo freeee.  In case you are wondering, the way to arrange this for yourself is to tell your perfectionist art-inclined friend that you are working on designing your own invitations, then send her a hot mess like this:

After that you just have to sit back and wait for your friend to ask if you would like her to help (i.e. take care of it).*  You might be saying that you would never do something like this, but that's probably because you haven't planned a wedding yet.  Soon-to-be-brides are desperate, desperate people.  Avoid them if you can. 

My friend drew quite a lot of jasmine vines and send them to me in various potential layouts, then I picked my favorites and she massaged the text to fit it around the design in a pleasing manner.  The final invites:

These designs belongs to G. Humphreys.  We both ask that you not copy or distribute them.

Aren't they preeeeetty?  I printed the invitations at home on white card stock, then fixed them to more card stock in different shades of teal.  DH and I had decided to keep things simple, so we requested reply via email or phone and left out the mail-in reply cards & envelopes.  Instead, I centered our reply cards on the back of each invitation, since I didn't want the small card to get missed in the envelope. 

I love how they turned out looking elegant, but not stuffy.  We hand-carried many of our invites, so I was able to see firsthand that people really liked them.  Yay!  

And there you have it.  Stay tuned, because my next post is the finale of the wedding saga, and even includes some actual wedding pictures.  (!)

*This is a humorous portrayal of the actual events.  Gema helped me out because she is a sweetheart, not because of weird psychological manipulations.  I think.  I really did send her that first picture...

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