Monday, March 18, 2013



Sampled paints and shapes

Drew and cut paper stencil

Hacked up an old picture frame (instructions)

Printed a sample (instructions)

Loved it.

Digitized design and ordered silkscreen (it was only $7).


This was my first time screen printing, although I already had the paints from my previous foray into stenciling.  I improved a ton between my first sample and my last ones, but I still find it tricky and time consuming to print these.  My silkscreen is only 4" by 6", so there are 24 repeats in a fat quarter.  Next time I will definitely use a bigger screen! 


  1. These are fantastic. Adore them!

  2. i just love these and am just a little excited, Ruth ;-) ps i blogged mine today ;-)

  3. Love the randomness of your pattern and the colors! What a great first try. Screen printing scares me a little, but you make it look possible. (you will note my avoidance on my blog) Hopefully the screen I prepared will look good when I try printing tonight.