Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Anything goes

I joined another round robin.  No, technically my previous round robin is not quite finished - I still get do to one more round (we had a quilt that got a little delayed when it ran low on fabric).  For the new RR, my guild buddy Jen handed me a package with the rules "anything goes."  Way to be awesome, Jen.  

Her 12" starting piece was an improv-ish log cabin-ish frame around a piece of gorgeous upholstery weight fabric.  Along with it, she sent a hand-dyed blue stripe fabric.  

Around that I added a wonky churn dash round and some triangles, then finished it off with a border of the blue stripe.  I hope she meant it when she said anything goes... because I mixed in some of my own upholstery weight fabric and made the call to add another color to her quilt (yeep - I would probably not be ok with that, but I would also not have "anything goes" as the instructions for my quilt, so on the balance of things...)  I really hope she likes it.

Have you tried doing a round robin yet?  I think I am sold on this type of collaborative quilt making.  It is much more my scene than quilt bees.  There is more opportunity to own your part of the creative process.  It can be challenging, but it's the good kind of challenging - gets the creative juices flowing.


  1. Beautiful Ruth! I love your wonky approach and that hand-dyed fabric is extraordinary! Nice job.

  2. The start was beautiful, and I *love* what you've added! You've set the bar high Ruth!