Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Smaller sewing projects

I have done a lot of little quilting projects lately, and it's so much fun!  Generally by the time I have pieced an entire quilt, I'm tired of a particular block or color combo.  The little guys are perfect for a fun piecing session and for quilting or other techniques that would be killer to do on a whole quilt. 

The typewriter pouch...a staple.  I think it is practically mandatory now to make one of these.

A cushioned iPad case:

Can I just say... I love Anna Maria's feather pattern.  LOVE it.  Preferably small and super scrappy.  I have an informal formula when it comes to saving scraps - the more I love the fabric, the smaller the pieces that I save.  So when I find a use for teeeny tiny pieces, that means I get to use my most favorite fabrics.  Which is awesome.

The pattern/tutorial is by one shabby chick, and it's perfect. Velcro or loop & button closure, double batting for protection, and the tutorial has a million pictures so it's really easy to follow.  Recommended!

And a composition notebook cover:

I was shooting for the midwinter morning color scheme that Adrianne posted back in February, but it was quite difficult - I was lacking in olive-y yellows.  Don't worry folks.  I went fabric shopping later and fixed the problem right up. 

Anybody have suggestions for more little projects?  (Besides pillows.  Husband does not think that we need any more of those.)

Patterns and tutorials:
gathered pouch by Noodlehead (minus the gathering)
iPad cover by one shabby chick
Free feather pattern by Anna Maria Horner
notebook cover by Rachel at Stitched in Color


  1. I love your typewriter pouch, well really all your projects are lovely but that particular print just makes me smile :)

  2. My gosh, your projects are amazing! I am particularly swooning over your feathers. Thanks for the link love!