Saturday, April 13, 2013

Boo Bee Round 3 - Sheetal's quilt

I just could not for the life of me get a grip on Sheetal's Boo Bee (tehehehehe).

But seriously, where to start?  After Mallory's round, the top was here:

I threw around a few ideas, but nothing really inspired me.  I almost started on a round of zig-zags, like the red ones in this beautiful quilt.  Before I got around it starting, Sheetal told me that she was planning to add more rounds to make the quilt as big as possible after she got it back.  Her tall hubby requires a lot of lap quilt.  BIG?  I can go big. Ohhh yeah I can go big.  :)

Knowing that she wanted to greatly increase the size of the quilt gave me the idea to put what was already made on point and build it back out to a square, as if my rounds were "behind" the center portion.  I whipped up this awesome sauce plan and got the go-ahead from Sheetal:

I was just borrowing cornerstone placeholders from the lone-star center for my mock-up, but I ended up really liking the repeated motif so I decided to use them.

Due to Reasons*, I made the outer cornerstones, then the outermost row, then the inner cornerstones, then the middle row, then the inner row, then outer rows assembly, then inner triangle assembly, then full assembly.  Lots of taping things up on the wall (my design wall is baby quilt size, so this was too big for it).  Uh, do not recommend. 

And a little closer in:

Happy to report that Sheetal is pleased. 

*It seemed like a good idea at the time.


  1. Ruth - Amazing! What you added is truly gorgeous.
    Everything that you added was so perfect and brought the quilt top together from the center out. Sheetal is one lucky gal!

  2. Holy cow!!!!! This is amazing!! Love, love, love, LOVE!!!!!