Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Picnic Quilt Finished

Do I have to send this away?

I love it so much.  The orange binding... even more perfect than I hoped.  With the quilting it turned out nice and puffy.  I used Oh, Fransson's tutorial for quick piecing small squares, so I didn't know how to interfacing would affect the quilt after washing.  In the end I was very happy with how that came out.

The quilt is going to my sister, her husband, and my three little nieces.  I am consoling myself with thoughts of them enjoying it.  Still, I'm not above bribing my sister for a few things since I have the quilt done.  I get to keep it until she delivers the goods...

Perhaps she won't?


  1. Ah. That quilt is gorgeous. I'm so jealous right now. <3

  2. I still totally love this quilt. The back and binding are perfect, and I love the dense quilting. Yay!