Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Want to trade?

I have a special scrappy quilt in mind but I am short by, well, a lot of scraps.  For some weird reason (who'da thunk??) all my scraps are teal and I need red, orange, and yellow (and blue and green though not as badly).

So, I thought some of you might be interested in swapping your modern scraps for yardage.

I was thinking of a straight trade by square inches, but in fat quarter increments.  (i.e. Your scraps laid out make up about a fat quarter so you pick a fat quarter to get from  me, etc).  Send me an email or post here if you're interested. 

Here's what I have to trade:

 If nothing catches your eye, tell me a color you want and I'll see what else I can offer you.

And here are the colors I'm looking for (2.5" strips any length or scraps min. 2.5" square)

So are you in?


  1. Hi Ruth - I'll bring some scraps to the retreat for you. I have LOTS of orange!

  2. I have some orange and red you might like. Send along your address. And I'll ship it out on Friday. I'm looking for the yellow from the quiltcon challenge. The schoolbus one. This is a color I hardly ever buy, and I don't think I need more than 2 3x3 scraps. But I'm happy to send the orange to you anyway. I liked your entry!