Monday, February 20, 2012

So freakin' excited

The guild retreat starts in 4 days.  4 days!!  I am obviously very excited about this and I have been "getting ready" for 3 days of nonstop sewing by... *drumroll*... sewing nonstop.  Not sure how that works logically but I can't seem to resist.  Or control my sewing, which is stuck on "randomize".  My Pastille shirt will be done as soon as I put in the neckline facing, do the back zip, and hem it.  Instead, I tossed that project aside and worked on my picnic quilt.  Today I abandoned that as well and sewed charity blocks.

What does it mean?  Probably that I'm so freakin' excited.  It seems that this is the sewing equivalent of stuffing a cheeseball in your mouth. 

So right now I'm taking a breather and thinking about my retreat projects.

I have these Alabama shirt pieces that need assembling:

And of course the Pastille shirt to finish up.  

For my wedding back in September, I made around 10 or 11 of these pieced table runners.  I want to take them apart somewhat and rearrange the blocks (the ones that escaped bbq sauce) into a quilt top:
Table runner - it is actually folded in half because it was too long to photograph.  There are 10 blocks in each.
 These fabrics need to be turned into the secret project that I have in mind for the guild Echo challenge:

I need to finish the borders on this quilt back:

 And get it basted to the front and ready to quilt:
Yes.  I lazily cloned the messy corner out of the second photo but then was too bored to do the same to the first one.  Sorry about that.

And on top of those projects, I'm working gradually on blocks for a sampler quilt that is going to my eldest sister and her family, and I need to sew up a little "art portfolio" that my niece requested.  

Will that be enough, do you think?


  1. Retreats can be so much fun. Yes, I think that will be plenty to keep you busy. Love that all-solid quilt. The back is just as beautiful as the front.

  2. What's that bird fabric in with the echo?