Sunday, May 19, 2013

R-burst Quiltalong: Top assembly by chunking

This post is a part of the R-Burst Quiltalong.

You guys ready for block assembly? I am a big fan of assembling by chunking instead of in strips.  The assembly instructions below are for a 3x4 layout, so if you are using more blocks you will need to tailor to your layout.  You will need approximately 15 WOF strips of 2.5" sashing to complete the quilt.

So, to start with, sew a sashing strip on the bottom edge of each of the blocks that will land in the 1st and 3rd rows.  Remember that when you sew sashing to blocks, use pins!  I place a pin about every 4" and make sure that both the block and sashing are relaxed while I pin them - never stretched.  Also, when you go to sew the sashing should always go on the bottom against the feed dogs.   That way you can see your seam allowances and keep them going the right way, plus the feed dogs help the sashing move through without stretching. 

 Next sew on the block that attaches from the 2nd or 4th row:

Set aside the rightmost blocks and sew a sashing piece to the right edge of each of the other pieces:

 Next sew up the vertical seams to assemble the top and bottom halves of the quilt:

Sew sashing to the bottom of one piece and to the top and bottom of the other, then sew the two quilt halves together:

Two more sashing bits on the sides an you are done:

Speaking of done, I'm ready to wrap this QAL up!  I'll be back next week with info on finishing up your quilt and to share how my quilt turned out.

Oh wait, did you want to see a peek of the real thing??

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