Monday, December 3, 2012

Pillow Talk

The ninth round of Pillow Talk Swap is currently wrapping up, with packages still winging back and forth internationally.  Luckily for me, both my send and receive packages have already arrived  This round I made for Nannette, who likes birds, bright colors, and fabulous quilting.  An awesome match for me, since I like... birds, bright colors, and fabulous quilting!  Way to go, swap mamas - picking what to make for her was easy-peasy. 

I made half-square triangles for one side and arranged them into a fancy star pattern that I drafted:

But a few bird fabrics isn't quite enough, so I drafted a paper pieced bird for the other side and framed it out into a pineapple block: 

If anyone is interested, I can post the "pattern" for this bird, but let me warn you that it's not very professionally drafted!  People who sell paper piecing patterns design carefully and smartly so that their block is easy to assemble.  Mine has to be put together in several pieces and also requires that some areas be pre-sewn before adding them to the paper pattern. 

And for me?  I received a gorgeous pillow (on the right) from Lori H. Designs, which beautifully matches the pillow that I got from Julie a few months back (on the left) and is so exactly what I wanted.  She even used a geometry print that I recently fell in love with for the background.  Basically, it's perfect!  Thank you so much, Lori. 

So many pillows were lovely this round, so check out the Flickr group if you need some awesome pillowy inspiration. 

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