Monday, September 10, 2012

Gingham baby quilt

I am very slowly working through using some fabric that I inherited from my mom & my grandma to make charity quilts.  After I volunteered to do a quilting demo for my guild meeting this month, I decided to make a small donation quilt to demo on, instead of wasting batting on a quilt sandwich that I wouldn't be using afterward.

My mom had stashed a bunch of different shirting-weight gingham (about the weight of vintage sheets), so I pulled out a stack.  Some were already cut in 4" squares, and I knew I would be demoing orange peel quilting, so simple square patchwork was the obvious choice for this quilt top:

Here's a closeup of the quilting on the front.  It is the same finished pattern as the orange peel tutorial that Elizabeth Hartman shared on her blog, Oh Fransson!, however it was done using an entirely different method and uses a walking foot instead of a free motion foot.  I'll be following up with a tutorial (tutorial is here!) for those of you who didn't make the guild meeting or who couldn't see everything (and for the like... 3 people who read my blog and aren't from my local guild - love to you guys, too!).  

And the quilt is backed with a vintage small scale floral print.  Little sister helped me pick out binding again.  :) 

The fabrics on both the front & back are very light weight, and with the relatively loose quilting this little guy turned out super light and summery. I'll be donating it via the guild to the Stanford NICU.  In case you are wondering why I keep making quilts for the NICU, I really like what they are doing with them, and they accept donations as small as 30" square!  The small size is awesome for testing out or working on a new technique without getting into a project that will be tiring by the time it's done. 


  1. You finished!! It looks really good!!! Now I've got to finish up the peanut butter so I can try your technique. : )

  2. It looks great. Congrats on finishing it up so quickly after our meeting.