Friday, September 28, 2012

Boo Bee Round 2 - Kathleen's Quilt

I'm back with another round robin update!  This time I got Kathleen's quilt start, which looked like this after Mallory had done her magic: 

I felt that the center needed a bit of breathing room, so I decided to incorporate a lot of white in my round.  While I was pondering, I came across these images for Rita Hutchens' class on zig-zags and chevrons.  Pretty, pretty!  I haven't taken her class, so I'm not sure what her method is, but I just made strips and cut them on the bias.  It worked out just fine, although my method wasted a lot of white fabric. 

Even with the strip piecing, this took a loooong time.  I calculated that there are more than 450 pieces of fabric in my round.   Bee mates.  I know I said one month for next round, but I forgot that the rounds are getting bigger & bigger.  Let's go back to 2 months for the last round, k?  

I hope you like it, Kathleen!


  1. WOW! I love what did with your round. So gorgeous!!!

  2. OH MY! I LOVE IT! Yep, so excited about it I had to raise my voice. There are so many great little details in your row. I love the thin dark line between the purples. I love the points coming out. Just awesome!

  3. Ruth, I am in awe as I look at your beautiful round! I am so fortunate that each person has taken the quilt top to the next level.
    Thank you so much for your work.
    And I agree that 2 months per round makes much more sense.

    You are THE best!

  4. Stunning!! Absolutely beautiful, you did a magnificent job, Ruth!