Sunday, January 15, 2012

Taffy Blouse

I love Colette patterns.  They're beautiful.  And I expect that they would be pretty easy to fit to my body shape... if I ever got around to sewing any of them.  The thing about sewing clothes, though, is that it's HARD.  Depressingly hard.  You have to do things like... seam finishing.  Pattern grading.  Sewing muslins (because I love sewing things and then throwing them away).  Worst of all... unpicking.  And crappy unpicking at that.  The kind where the fabric falls apart just from LOOKING at a seam ripper.

 Enter the Colette Sewing Handbook, which I got for Christmas.  Whereas I never actually have opened any of the Colette patterns that I've collected, I actually opened the book and read it.  In doing so, I noticed something lovely... the instructions are soooo simple.  When I read through the pattern, I understand everything.  There's never an illustration where I'm like "whaaat?  Maybe I'll understand that part when I get to it"  (ha!)  Plus, since it's a book format, she is able to explain every technique used in the patterns, so you don't even have to look anything up online.

The end result is that I got tricked into making a shirt.  The Taffy Blouse, to be exact.  It turns out that easy instructions only make sewing garments about 10% easier.  I've unpicked this thing about 6 times (including one where the darts were somehow on the outside of the shirt), but one of the times I actually got close enough to finished to see what it would look like.  I asked my husband what he thought and he said "I like it."  !!!! !!!!   !
Hold on... you might not understand.  "I like it" is pretty much the maximum rating that DH gives.  Things of average to excellent goodness, like homemade raspberry jam, get the "it's ok" rating.  The "it's ok" rating means "I will finish this jar within a week because I can't stop eating it."  Things that get the "I like it" rating include: me, cars, the dog, and the internet.  So for that to get applied to a mere shirt... well, that is inspiration to get me through another round of unpicking the durn thing.

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