Monday, January 30, 2012

Charity Quilting

Deborah and Jennifer, the awesome charity coordinators for our local Modern Quilt Guild, are organizing different charity quilt projects for us each quarter this year.  The first quarter project is  based off of Amanda Jean's postage stamp quilt-along last year.  They actually created cute little block kits for us all with little pre-cut squares!  Man, what a great idea.  I just pick up a few at the meeting and it is super easy to whip them up.
I got so jazzed about the project that I also offered to quilt up some of the finished tops.  Jennifer already had a set of blocks for me at the sew day last week so I came home and sewed 'er up!  The quilt is for the Lucile Packard Neonatal unit, so it is only 36" square.  The small size gave me the opportunity to be bold with the quilting pattern, so I brought back a pattern that I used two years ago for a quilted shoulder bag

Basically you just start at the edge and start quilting in any old direction, curving any old amount, and continue until you get to the opposite side.  Keep on going like that until you think it has good coverage.  I looked over the top at intervals looking for un-quilted areas that were too big to leave alone, and then I would aim for them from the edge.  In case you were wondering... it is F.U.N.  You basically can't mess it up.  Plus, I'm off the hook for doing a binding - I just pass it along!  How's that for awesome?


  1. That definitely sounds like a fun way to quilt! I like how the curves balance out the blockiness of the postage stamps.

  2. it looks great!


  3. Love this quilt AND the ideas for quilt kits!

    As for your quilting method, that is usually how I quilt. I'm scared of meandering, so I just do crazy lines!

  4. Love this quilt! I may quilt the one I'm working on the same way.