Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Wench

Last week I secured this little baby - we named her "The Wench."

She's the one on the left.  With the red skin.  Me on the right.

The Wench is an adjustable dress form (brand name "My Double") that retails for about 5 times what I paid for it.  Sweet!  I also picked up a partial bolt of Warm & Natural for $20.  Double score!  <3 you, Craigslist.

The day that I got her, I spent the evening measuring and adjusting her and fitting her with a padded bra (which you can see in the picture has shifted around a bit to the side).  I'd say I've got her looking pretty good - I tweaked the waist a bit after taking this picture. 

Since then she's been lurking in the living room and waiting to freak people out with her scary similarity to my body.  And her headlessness, of course.   


  1. I need one of those! Cool Find :)

  2. Great finds! I've got to start watching Craiglist.