Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sewing crush...

Today I came across a new-to-me blog The Selfish Seamstress. Entranced after seeing a few of her creations, I proceeded to read her entire blog history. She makes gorgeous home-sewn garments, mostly dresses and shirts, and I find her both highly inspirational and hilarious - I particularly enjoyed her nemesis posts. I'm in deep envy of her clearly articulated bloggy voice - I feel like my own blog tends toward overly formal (and boring) descriptions of projects. Oh, and also has about one post for each 6 of hers...

Thanks to her impecible taste:

Excellent eye for drafting and improving patterns:

And the attractive and interesting photos that actually show you what the finished product looks like:

I now have a new blog to follow and a huuuuge list of clothes to sew. Not that I'm going to make all of those dresses - I hardly ever wear dresses - but my crazed brain thinks that they can all be transformed into magnificent tops. Using my nearly non-existent experience sewing clothing. And no patterns. It's gonna be awesome.


  1. i haven't made clothes for myself for years and i've recently been looking for some inspirational blogs to read -thanks for the link to the selfish seamstress - it could be just what i'm looking for!


  2. I know that blog for some times, and I totally agree with you..


  3. I hadn't seen this blog before - looks like she does amazing work! I struggle with sewing for my shape, so thanks for the tips!