Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pattern Challenge

It's a big struggle for me to find clothes that fit me right, which is a shame because I think my body is awesome and just needs to be appropriately sheathed.  I want to make custom clothes so that they will fit well and look good.  I'm very fearful about trying to use patterns, though.  I don't know if it's just my lack of skills, or if it's that the patterns are actually as bad as I think, but it always seems like they have included about 1/4 of the instructions necessary to complete the project. So, to help keep me motivated, I'm joining Sarah's pattern challenge.  This has the side benefit of providing a group of people who are also struggling with wretched instructions and can give me sympathy...

So anyway, here are my goals:
Use this pattern to make a winter coat - probably like the white one with a different collar)

Make Amy Butler's Liverpool pattern - not sure what length, as I have only ever seen pictures of the tunic length:

To make the t-shirt corset from the Alabama Stitch Book:

Aaand lastly to clear up some WIPs from my last burst of clothing making, I think all of them are half-made skirts.  First step is to go through and get a count of exactly what I have partially finished.

Man, looking at those pictures makes me want to start RIGHT NOW.  Especially on the t-shirt corset.


  1. Wow, awesome goals! I love, love, love the coat! I may need to go out and buy that pattern now....can't wait to see how these go!!


  2. Wow, those are all beautiful! Hope you have fun making them and that they turn out great. Take lots of pictures! ;-)

  3. mmmm, you've picked some really great patterns! They're gonna be awesome!

  4. I like your goals and want to see your WIP skirts. :)

    Here are my (maybe too ambitious) goals:

  5. I like the length of the red one.