Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I miss sewing

I've been working hard on moving tasks and there is still quite a lot to do, but I did manage to squeeze in a bit of crafting. I love teas, and I buy them loose-leaf from a local store. Their tins are way too expensive though, so I have about 5-10 kinds of teas in little baggies in my cupboard. I am working on slowly finding cute containers for all of them.

I started with something that I found in the break room, which looked similar to this (neglected to take a before picture):

I cleaned off the tin and assembled supplies (note that my actual tin has this nice green lid):

And after:
It was my first time using mod podge and it wasn't quite what I expected. It looked sort of like Elmer's going on, and didn't really harden to the degree that I anticipated, given that I got the one called "Hard Coat." Still, it is supposed to cure for another couple of weeks, so perhaps it has yet to fully harden. Also, I masked off the edges a bit, but I wasn't thinking about how much the mod podge would get on my hands, and I ended up leaving some inside and on the bottom of the tin.

The fabric that I applied was a silk from the free upholstery fabric that I got. The result had much less contrast than I expected. I think that this is partly because the mod podge is still slightly cloudy and partly because some of the original contrast came from the shiny embroidery on the matte fabric and the mod podge gave everything the same finish.

Someday I hope to move on to bigger items, but for now I expect that a few more of these are in my future.

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