Monday, October 5, 2009


I collect fabric. I pretend that I'm going to make something out of it, but... well... the facts speak for themselves. This is most of the fabrics I have purchased in the last six months:

See this little stack on the far left? That's the pile of fabrics of which I have used even the tiniest scrap. See these other three piles on the right? These are just for looking at. And touching.

I really enjoy prewashing fabric. I put it in the washer, and when it is done I lovingly clip off all of the stray threads, then I dry it, then I take it out and use ironing and folding as an excuse to pet it. Prewashing is when the fabrics and I get to know each other.

I even have fabrics that I haven't prewashed yet because I'm saving the experience. I keep my Eva in the original bag and just take them out to look at. Really, though, can you blame me? It's ridiculously pretty.

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