Monday, July 6, 2009

An overdue thank you and vegetables (not overdue)

First an embarrassingly overdue thank you to Evelyn at Use The Loot for the Rosali fat quarters that she sent me. Yes, they did arrive, and I love them! I worked all last weekend on two little baby quilts for my youngest nieces. I am trying to decide whether to post pictures or leave it as a surprise. I'm not sure I can wait to share, since I still have a good bit of work to do.

So I'm on a new kick to get my veggies every day. I am targetting lunch time, because that's an easy place for me to make menu changes without affecting anyone else. I guess it's just laziness that was keeping them out of my lunches, since I genuinely like a lot of vegetables. Carrots are crunchy and delicious. Sugar snap peas are the most decadent treat. Broccoli is way cute and totally tasty. And don't even get me started about corn-on-the-cob.

I started with some carrots; I bought a big bag and put them in the fridge at work. I just wash them and then munch on them whole, because really, why do they need to be cut up? This eased me into thinking that it would be simple to add more vegetables, so I made up a list of ones that I could eat raw, and then looked up vegetables that I could cook in the microwave here at work.

Of course my first microwave experiment was corn on the cob (husked, 2.5 min), which needed maybe another minute in the nuculator, but tasted just like corn. Today I had some butternut squash (cut in half, face down on plate, 1/2" water on plate, 7 min). I'm not sure if it was the microwave preparation or the squash itself (I'm used to winter squash, not butternut) but the flavor seemed a bit lacking. Probably the squash, right? How could the microwave suck out flavor? Regardless, it was a good meal and I will probably try again with other squash options.

So everyone eat your veggies! It's easy and they are so good for you.


  1. Hey, you're totally welcome! And I'm looking forward to seeing those baby quilts when you get them done. :-)

    My favorite quick microwave veggie is frozen edamame. I like plain old frozen corn too. I know, neither of those are "fresh", but pretty close! (And I don't have to worry about not eating them in time before they spoil!). Oh, and I love a huge bowl of fresh spinach, microwaved just until it starts to wilt a bit, with a splash or two of salad dressing. Yum!

  2. I used to take gramma's squashes that were too small for dinner to school with me and microwave them. I remember I'd just cut the top open, pull it off, put some butter and salt in, and then put the top back on. Then I'd put it in the microwave (don't remember how long but I suspect it was only a few minutes) and pull it out and stir it up and delicious.