Friday, August 29, 2014

Off the UFO wagon

I was doing so well.

In early 2012 I had 14 UFO projects - and last month I had 5 left, with 3 of them being group quilts (like round robin, etc) that were currently in someone else's hands.  In my mind, that means two, TWO projects left to knock off the list.  My giraffe blocks are ready for the two-side low volume borders that I have planned, and my medallion quilt is getting bigger and bigger:


But then I went crazy and started 4 new projects within about a month.  The good thing about starting so many new things is that I have lots to show you!

I offered to design and piece an opportunity quilt for my guild.  The fabric kits are ready for that (blocks will be done by guild members and then I'll put it together) and I'm super excited about the colors:

I took back-to-back workshops from Jacquie Gering (uh... no regrets there, though.  She is such an awesome teacher) and I started a new quilt in each one.  My quilt from the first class is still just a start, but hopefully it won't be sitting that way for too long:

The second class I went for simpler design in baby quilt size and I finished that top in one more sewing session after the class was over.  I'm thinking I might quilt this one with squiggly lines to soften it up a little:

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