Saturday, August 11, 2012

Big Upside Down Squirrels

 If you understand that title, I love you.  If you don't, you need to discover Eddie Izzard.

A few months back, I went on a mini retreat to Gold Country with some of my Bay Area Modern buddies... it was awesome. There was a lot of fabric shopping and a lot of getting to know four great ladies. Annnd we decided to start a bee. Well, a round robin, really, but we kept calling it a bee. We named it after our host's dog, Boo. Round Boo Bee. Yes, we are that mature.

Mature or not, we managed to get this thing off the ground.   Mallory started her quilt with Elizabeth Hartman's Metropolis block:

I was really inspired by the black and white divide in the background, and I decided to play off of that in my round.  Mallory mentioned that the elephant stripe was her favorite part (and it's mine too!), so I continued to feature the little guys: 

Mallory, if it makes you too dizzy... I could keep it, I suppose...


  1. No freakin' way! It's miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. My precious....

  2. So amazingly wonderful! I hope it doesn't get lost after Sheetal turns it over to me...assuming Sheetal doesn't lose it first or accidentally take it to Austria with her and is unable to get it back to the United States because of a customs embargo on beautiful quilt tops...