Sunday, July 29, 2012

The R-burst block

This post is a part of the R-Burst Quiltalong.  This post covers the specific instructions for cutting and piecing the R-burst block.

Now that we've covered the techniques in general, let's get started on our R-burst quilt.  We are going to divide up the block like this:

Taking out the center "plus" of piecing lets us build the block from 4 mini-blocks and 4 identical strips (plus one square for the middle).  I love it when I can make my life easier.

Our first step is to make 2-square sets.  For one blue-edge mini-block & accompanying strip, you need to make:

 For one red-edge block, you need to make:

If you would prefer to work on all the blocks simultaneously, you need to make (upper number is for a 3x4 layout, and lower number is for 4x5):

Assemble your 2-square pieces into little 4-patches, and while you are at it, sew the strip, too :

Blue Edged Block

Red Edged Block
And then the little 4-patches into mini blocks:

You need 4 mini blocks plus 4 strips and a center square to make a block. 

To assemble, sew the center square onto one of your strips, then sew remaining strips each to a side of 3 of your mini blocks.  Sew each strip to the same edge of each mini block - otherwise your block may not go together.  You can lay the block out first and check your orientation just to be sure you have things right.  Sew the extra-long strip in place as shown above, then assemble the two sides and sew your center seam.  If you are using a trim-as-you-go approach, now is the time to trim up your block edges.


If you plan to add the optional embroidery to your blocks, I'll be posting in a few days with instructions for that.  You can still get started on sewing up mini-blocks, but don't make more than about half of them until you have your embroideries done. 

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