Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busy little bee

I've not had much free time recently... between this little guy:
10 wk old Shiba Inu (long coat) named Koni

And these little guys:  
Tethered Threads 2 September (any block we wanted)
Modern Quilt Bee October - hst blocks from our scraps and hers
1 Year 12 Quilts September - from tutorial here
Modern Quilt Bee August - neighborhood blocks
Modern Quilt Bee August - neighborhood blocks
Nittany Quilt Bee August - using this tutorial
Nittany Quilt Bee June - from our scraps and hers
Modern Quilt Bee June - instructions here
Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild charity quilt - paper pieced block from this book
1 year 12 quilts May (8 point star requested)
1 year 12 quilts April (nautical theme requested)
Modern Quilt Bee March (my month)
Tethered Threads 2 February - from Oh, Fransson!'s tutorial
Believe it or not, that's actually less than 1/4 of the blocks that I've done since the last block post.  No wonder I don't have time to update my blog...


  1. OMG - cute puppy!!! And I love all your blocks, especially those neighborhood ones. Beautiful!

  2. Goodness girl, you've been busy. I just want to give your puppy a big squeeze!

  3. Nice blocks! Love the star block within a star block!

  4. lovely designs and i just have to tell you the photo at the top of your blog is beautiful. really beautiful. cheers, shannon www.buttonmad.com