Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pattern Challenge update

Soooo an update on the pattern challenge -

I looked into the WIP skirts that mentioned and oh man oh man:

This one was supposed to be a swirly style skirt with gores - I decided to make the skirt green and the gores yellow and the effect is very "circus tent."  Plus the way it falls is totally wrong.   Honestly I should have just tossed it a long time ago, but I had this idea that I was going to take out the gores and replace them with green.  Or take out the skirt and replace it with yellow.  I'm so crazy sometimes.  It's a shame that it looks so bad... I did a beautiful job putting in the zip.

The other one I had one that was a pencilish fitted wrap skirt; I put that aside because it turned out a little bit big for me and it was all lined and everything, so I didn't want to take it apart.  Well, lucky lucky me, a year of sitting in the sewing drawer took care of that little problem (and no, the shirt didn't shrink, sadly) so it fits fine and just needed finishing touches.  I hand sewed on some frogs and a snap and it was all done... picture to follow when we get some sunshine.

I also remembered some shirts that need fixing, so I've added that to the list.  Pluuuuus I saw this:
Ceylon dress from Colette Patterns, sewn by Tessuti

I couldn't resist it.  It's been added to the list even though it looks like it will be pretty hard.  It's just so lovely.

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